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Well it seems Rick Warren, the disgusting toad whom Barack Obama has chosen to invoke their disgusting toad of a deity at his presidential inauguration, is back-pedaling desperately in an attempt to look like a not-bigot. He has posted a video (12/22/2008, can't permalink apparently) in which he implies, among various other things, that people who vehemently disagree with the positions of extremist, fundementalist Christians are 'Christophobes' - that they have an irrational, implacable fear and hatred of Christ or Christians or Christianity. I don't doubt this will soon be the newest bon mot among the Jesus-Is-Your-Fearless-Leader crowd, and that anyone who speaks out against the increasing influence of their insane ideals in public politics will be labelled as Christophobic, so I'd like to nip any such accusations in the bud.

I am not Christophobic. My fear and hatred of Christianity is entirely rational. The ideals that Christianity teaches are not only irrational and delusional, but are actively poisonous to human progress and happiness. This encompasses the vast majority of religions in the world to some degree or another; Christianity is the most immediately familiar to me, so that's where the bulk of my commentary gets directed. Christianity is an anti-human religion which glorifies death at the expense of life, suffering at the expense of pleasure, sacrifice at the expense of fulfillment, the unreal undetectable at the expense of the real and visible, and submission at the expense of volition. Christianity teaches that individual people are worthless and that their desires and decisions are meaningless. It teaches that deviating from culturally constructed norms or traditions, questioning authority and recieved wisdom, and attempting to live one's life without the constant intercession of a cosmic tyrant are just as sufficient reasons as rape, torture, and genocide to be condemned to eternal pain. It teaches that the worst of history's monsters, should they simply beg forgiveness, would be more worthy of eternal bliss than one who lived the life of a saint but died unsaved, and that anything can be right if God demands it of you. It teaches that people cannot understand morality or make the right choices unless they read a certain book, join a particular group, and submit their moral autonomy to forces outside themselves. These concepts are continually reinforced by mind control techniques like constant repetition, social ostracism, group hypnosis, public humiliation, threats of torture (to occur, conveniently enough, after physical death), and the physical, verbal, and emotional abuse of chiuldren. As a consequence of believing these things, Christians become like living dolls who can only move at the command of outside authority. They do not examine the information or ideals vouchsafed them by the gatekeepers of the ultimate authority of God, whether they're fulminating firebrands like Pat Robertson or mealy-mouthed snakes like Rick Warren. Those who are influenced by kindly-hearted and open-minded peers and authorities tend to be kindly-hearted and open-minded themselves. Those who are otherwise influenced attempt to destroy dissent, censor alternative views, marginalize any other way of life (especially those they have been taught are 'sinful), and write laws which bear no connection to the public good; that's when their God hasn't told them to actively attack people who openly refuse to conform to their bizarre demands and live their own lives.

I also don't fear or hate Christians as a general class of people; if anything, I feel sorry for them, poor deluded pawns of a memeplex dedicated to self replication through suppression of reason, pleasure, and independance. No, I only fear and hate scum like Rick Warren who encourage them to violate the rights of their fellow citizens, then makes a bunch of high-minded noises about free speech and civil rights. Rick Warren has a great deal to say about 'hate speech'. Now, I've never been comfortable with the extent to which the term 'hate speech' is invoked to quell dissent. In my experience, however, the ones most often trying to classify any sort of disagreement or criticism as 'hate speech' are Christians. Maybe it's an artifact of my socialization and the time I've grown up in, but I don't seem to have encountered the lefty-wing PC-Police boogeyman that these people always conjure up in defence of their right to put about any kind of slanderous talk they think will further their theocratic agenda. I hear Christians talk about Gay Marriage in the same breath as pedophelia and incest, or advocating marital rape, or comparing homosexuality and gender nonconformity to environmental destruction, and then loudly wondering why people hate them so much. Telling people who complain about having to see religious displays they don't endorse on property their taxes pay for that they should shut the fuck up and stop being so disrespectful (if not actively slandering and harassing them), complaining voiferously about paid advertising and forcibly censoring publicly posted messages they find 'offensive', and then having the gall to talk about free speech. The theocrats have sure learned the language of civil rights, but they just don't quite seem to have grasped the concept. Warren claims to believe in the 'free market of ideas', but also contends that no person or church should be condemned for their beliefs. Well, there's a bit of a difference between condemning somebody for their beliefs and condemning their beliefs. Some beliefs deserve to be condemned, and if I do it's not just from hate or fear, it's from a genuine conviction that their beliefs are responsible for immense amounts of human suffering and degradation. There's also quite a bit of difference between condemning somebody's beliefs (say, their belief that it's okay for them to want to marry the person they love), demonizing them (by, say, implying there's a great deal of similarity between them and a baby rapist), and actively campaigning to deny them the civil rights inherent in the legal and societal 'defenition' of marriage. These privileged people have yet to experience real Christophobia, real hate speech. They can talk the talk, but until they've actually been in the position of the people they persecute, they can't quite walk the walk; which is why their protestations seem just a little hollow to the ears of one who has really been condemned and persecuted for their spiritual and cultural affiliation.

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Procrustes said...

Awesome rant.

You're right. It's not phobia if it's perfectly rational.

And hate of the cause of such suffering is certainly warranted.